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voslot is a legal Filipino online gambling company, although it is new to the gambling world, it has recently grown rapidly with the help of the internet, it is a professional provider for online sports betting and has partnered with well-known sports software providers to provide a user-friendly and professional betting interface for online sports betting. 100% sports welcome bonus, use our welcome bonus to bet on this fun online sport and not only increase your betting frequency but also receive more game bonuses. voslot has partnered with UG sports software providers to offer many exciting sports, you can bet on soccer, basketball, golf, snooker billiards and more. There are more poker games, slot games waiting for you to play

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Voslot online betting games available for betting

Online sports, virtual sports, and e-sports betting are some of the sports bets that people can bet on at voslot, as well as other popular card games and live dealer rooms that bring a special gaming experience to Filipino players. The voslot is also available 24/7 online, with a wide range of slot games, LOTTO, and other well-known gaming software, Like Jili, Rich88, Sexy, and is accessible to all players on a daily basis, while voslot accompanies you through your leisurely entertainment time.


At voslot online casino you will find a full range of sports betting options, including live betting on sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball or ice hockey, as well as a variety of major tournaments such as FIFA, NBA, NACC, World Cup and other major sports events. You have a variety of betting options, such as point spreads, totals, over/under, and total bets, all of which can be placed directly from the voslot casino’s mobile program.

Philippine sports betting options available at voslot

The Philippines has the right to bet on sports events online through the offshore Philippine legal online sportsbook voslot website. voslot has regulators, licenses, soccer betting, sports betting types and customer support options, mobile/live betting features and bonus filtering offshore betting sites.
Football Betting

There are a few things to keep in mind when betting on NFL games or Philippine soccer. You can bet on sports matches multiple times on the site, with the most common bets like point spreads, win lines, over/under, and other popular betting methods. You can bet on big soccer matches like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and international soccer matches including the FIFA World Cup through voslot.

Baseball Betting

Although baseball is not a common sport in the Philippines, it still has a following of fans everywhere. voslot is legally licensed and regulated, so players can legally use voslot to bet on baseball. You can bet on MLB, the premier baseball game, which is divided into NL, AL, and also includes daily bets, daily doubles, daily treble tips, MLB accumulator and MLB championship tips.

Basketball Betting

Basketball is a sport betting allowed by the Philippine gambling law through authorized channels. There is also a national team in the Philippines, and for fans, betting on NBA, PBA, NCAA, EuroLeague, and CBA is popular at voslot sportsbook, which also regularly offers basketball betting tips, win lines, handicaps, totals, player props, and if the game goes into overtime, the bookie will pay the final result.


Boxing was legalized in the Philippines in 1921. Boxing matches have been around since the dawn of man, and when it comes to Philippine boxing betting, the most common line boils down to simply picking a fighter to win outright. There are different weight classes or divisions of fighters, such as super heavyweight, heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, junior middleweight, lightweight, featherweight, bantamweight and flyweight. You can also place round-by-round bets, which depend on the judges' scores in each round. Either way, there are multiple options when betting on fights.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the world and the Philippine Cricket Association (PCA) is the main source of betting entertainment in the country. Betting on a team to win outright, regardless of the point spread, includes betting on the best batsman, the best player, the best bowler, the team that hits the most sixes, and more. One of our missions at voslot sports is to provide you with professionally researched cricket tips that you can use to consistently win cricket bets.

Virtual Sports Betting

In sports betting, not only online betting, but also virtual sports are popular. Virtual sports software calculates the probability of all potential outcomes and sets the betting price accordingly, and then a random number generator (RNG) selects the outcome. Virtual sports odds are roughly the same as traditional sports betting odds in terms of how and what type of bets are placed. Anyone can place virtual sports bets at the voslot sportsbook or through the mobile app, and these bet types are like.

  • Asian Handicap
  • Total (Over/Under)
  • Direct bets
  • Futures
  • Player Props
  • Team Props

E-Sports Betting in the Philippines

The rise of eSports has provided Filipino gamers with the opportunity to make a career out of playing online games. voslot’s online sportsbook has 100% legal and secure betting on every game, as well as eSports leagues and tournaments from around the world. 2018 saw the announcement of the launch of the Philippines’ first-ever eSports franchise league, The Nationals. The Nationals, a league that will begin competition in 2019. Dota 2, Mobile Legends, and Tekken 7 are among the most popular e-sports games in the Philippines.


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Live Casino

Download our mobile app and login with your gaming account to start playing immediately. With voslot you can play poker games such as blackjack and baccarat, as well as simple and fun table games such as roulette and craps. voslot’s live casino is powered by great software providers such as Evolution Gaming, AE Sexy, WM casino and more.


Bingo is a game where you have to match the same numbers. Each player is given a ticket or card with a number line on it. Bingo games are also becoming more and more popular nowadays, and Lotto games provided by AE Sexy bring a special live gaming experience.

Play voslot with mobile apps

voslot online casino has listened to our customers and created the most beneficial voslot mobile program for players, we are a fully licensed and regulated Philippine casino online casino site with unparalleled games! You will find that the voslot Casino website is compatible with mobile devices, which means that you can access high quality games through Android and iOS devices. Just like on your computer, you will get a wide selection of sports betting genres and other game categories, as well as instant cashout options

Voslot Promotions

voslot promotions are recognized as the friendliest casino promotions among online casinos in the Philippines, with 100% welcome bonus, sports bonus, first deposit, game bonus and loyalty bonus, and special promotions from time to time.
  • Sign up for voslot and receive a 100% welcome bonus
  • Deposit in pesos and receive up to 100% deposit bonus
  • Vip bonuses, the higher the level, the more upgrades you get
  • Unlimited referral bonuses, just invite your friends to play

Voslot Online Customer Support

voslot online customer service offers a friendly casino service, whether you are having trouble with sports betting, virtual sports or e-sports betting, live casino or slot games, the online live chat will answer all players’ questions within 1-2 hours.

Voslot has a dedicated support staff and we are happy to help all players with any problems they encounter or you can respond to the voslot customer support team via email.

Registering for voslot FAQ

According to Philippine gambling laws, everyone must be 21 years old to bet on sports or major sports events such as FIFA, Bundesliga, Lega Serie A, etc. The Philippine government takes this law seriously, and if an online casino or poker site allows players to register at age 18, Filipino players must still wait until age 21 to bet on sports at voslot.

It is legal to bet on sports in the Philippines, and now you can bet on sports at voslot without violating any Philippine gambling laws.

There are many payment options to claim real money bonuses, and the payment method varies depending on your choice, within 1-3 days on average.

You can contact voslot’s online sports customer support anytime, anywhere. Our professional sports betting team is available online 24 hours a day for live chat to help you with any difficulties you may encounter in sports betting.

You can bet on online soccer matches, virtual sports such as racing, dog racing, boxing, or e-sports betting such as LOL, DOTA2, CSGO, etc. through voslot sports.