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Voslot Virtual Sports – Online Casino Guide

Voslot Sports is a professional sportsbook with a number of virtual sports. voslot Sports offers the thrill of a real race track without leaving your home. A wide variety of virtual sports games are available, covering many different events, allowing players to choose their favorite. The overall product portfolio is constantly growing, ensuring that we always have something new to offer you. They offer a wide range of virtual sports such as soccer, boxing, tennis, rally and horse racing. We offer only the best live betting services for all games in real time!

Types of sports available for betting in virtual sports

Video games offer more realism than ever before, and voslot sports offers a way to combine the realism of HD video with the control and convenience of a digital 3D interface. You can customize your game and then challenge your friends for an intense 3D gaming experience that rivals any modern system.

Horse Racing

Voslot’s Virtual Sports offers a very realistic horse race that makes you feel like you’re in a real horse race, where mastering the skills takes time and effort. Choose a jockey, buy a horse, and run your horse to become the champion of a six-horse flat race!

Each race has up to 14 entrants and offers a variety of single and multiple betting markets with attractive odds.

Dog Racing

Meet the challenge of the dog racing simulation through voslot sports, a game that offers a high level of excitement, starting with just six greyhounds, each wearing a different colored undershirt, to see which dog wins, simply tap the screen and a time quote will appear with the results of who wins and where to place.

The realistic 3D animation gives the player a great gaming experience.

Virtual Soccer

The soccer game is a fast paced game which also offers a variety of big soccer matches, championship leagues, these rich big soccer matches take only about 60 seconds per half to keep the game at a convenient length. The game has 4 events per game, divided into 2 events per half.

  • Virtual Football League Mode (VFLM)
  • Virtual Football World Cup (VFWC)
  • Virtual Football Nations Cup (VFNC)
  • Virtual Football European Cup (VFEC)
  • Virtual Football Asia Cup (VFAS)
  • Virtual Football Champions Cup (VFCC)

Speed Skating

In voslot virtual sports, athletes skate on an ice track to complete laps. The fast-paced nature of the game will excite gamers by providing an exhilarating speed skating experience. With its captivating graphics and sound effects, exciting achievements and stylish design, it is sure to be a hit with all speed lovers! Watch the skating championships in the offline championship or relax in the game.


Basketball is not only a popular sport in online sports, it is also one of the most popular games in virtual sports, and betting on basketball games allows gamblers to enjoy the fast pace of the sport. You decide whether to bet on the outcome of the game, the next scoring team or the point spread. With our unique in-game market statistics, you can win prizes by picking the right team and not miss a single game.

V8 Supercar

This game is often noted in virtual sports, and V8 Supercar betting has exploded over the last decade or so as bettors seek a realistic alternative to the racing market while betting live on this popular form of motorsports. v8 Supercar qualifying bets usually don’t go beyond betting on pole position, so betting on pole position is highly advantageous, but not foolproof.

Join the new generation of virtual sports

  • The sports betting obtained in voslot is now played with new technologies and now you can experience special virtual games on the website.
  • Use superior rendering technology to produce top-notch animations
  • Virtual sports are available 24/7, with a new event played in 3-5 minutes
  • Each game is unique and presented in real time using HTML5 technology
  • Spectacular virtual venues and game atmosphere
  • Optimized for mobile devices from time to time
  • Simple event scheduling and clear system administration interface
  • All games are backed up on the website and back-ups are used to analyze game wins and losses

Virtual sports betting tips

Welcome to voslot virtual sports! Many online players will tell you that these virtual games are fun to play, and those who love sports know that this is a virtual sports game that works with a random number generator.


Whether you are a professional or a novice, betting on virtual sports is a fun way to spend your afternoon or evening. At Voslot, we offer players around the world the best online betting service on the Internet. We offer top odds on many different sports, including horse racing, American soccer, table tennis, badminton and volleyball!

Place low stakes bets

When playing virtual sports, people have fun betting on sports events. Although they may look harmless, they are very addictive and if you are not careful, players can lose money very quickly. The amount of money similar to your favorite sports league is tempting, and if you're not careful, the losses can add up quickly.

Money Management

A casino should not be your bank, so learn how to manage your money properly. Voslot is an app that helps professional gamblers do just that and more! Voslot helps you control your betting activity and turn it into a real business by helping you better handle your money, track your overall performance and improve your game.

Promotional bonuses

The competition between casinos is fierce. voslot does its best to provide you with the most generous bonuses and promotions, giving you the best chance to maximize your winning potential. Voslot offers a variety of promotions to help you make the best choices on the casino site by showing the best monthly bonuses and special promotions.

The future of virtual sports at voslot

Voslot’s online casino virtual sports are only getting better with high-end technology. voslot offers players seamless animation, and we have more realistic animation than ever before, and it’s clear that this technology will continue to play an important role in the future of sports simulation, as graphics are a key component of an engaging experience. Innovative companies are already taking advantage of augmented reality, mixed reality and artificial intelligence.

If you are an avid sports betting fan, Voslot is a platform for creating various sports simulations, including impressive graphics, realistic animations, and most importantly, a way to hone players’ skills in placing virtual games in casinos.

Anyone can install the application on voslot with any device

If you are a real money sports betting fan, installing an online sports betting app on your Android device is a breeze. voslot offers VPN, credit card insurance and online support for Android/iOS users around the world. Also, if you don’t see your sportsbook of choice on Google Play, please follow these instructions to join voslot online casino.

  1. Link to the game in voslot using your app for Android or iOS.
  2. Download the voslot app to your tablet or mobile app to play the games.
  3. Register your membership in the voslot online casino, enter your financial information and verify your email, and in a few short minutes you will be ready to start playing.

Virtual Sports FAQ

We are proud to be the world’s newest online virtual sports site! There are no human referees or impartial judges in these virtual sports, but they use random generators to generate wins and losses.

There are many online casinos in the Philippines that offer virtual sports, and voslot is a legal online casino. We confirm that Filipino players who bet on virtual games at voslot have had no experience of being sued.

There is no doubt that virtual sports are the future of online gaming. Unlike other casino games, virtual sports are not fixed.