Sports Odds to Help New Players Bet on Philippine Sports Betting

Understanding sports odds gives you a better chance of winning or losing when betting on how much you will be paid or how much profit a team or game needs to exceed to win a bet.
Other terms you may hear are “line” or “spread” or “lay point”.

Types of betting odds

Depending on where you live or how you choose to bet, you may also see odds for betting in different ways

  • US odds – these are written as (-160) and (+180)
  • Fractional odds – these are written as (5/8) and (9/5)
  • Fractional odds – these odds are written as (1.625) and (2.8)

Tips to master your betting on online sports odds

Sports betting odds are defined as an agreed upon “price” set by the sportsbook or bettor. Usually, sportsbooks adjust their betting odds to respond to a large number of one-sided bets. In comparison to the current betting odds, sports bettors can determine which team’s betting activity is most valued. View opening odds (opening lines), current odds and line movement history on the sportsbook website. Track live sportsbook odds from over 40 sportsbooks.

For example, a few betting odds on NFL football games

Chargers +3½ +160 Ov 53½
Raiders -3½ -180 Un 53½

In the table you can see what the odds are trying to tell you.

  • The Raiders won the game by 3½ points.
  • The total score of the game is 53½ points.
  • The payline bet on the chargers is +160.

Sports betting odds work by basing betting odds on the probability of occurrence. This means that you can usually work out how much you will be paid to win a bet before you place it.

For example, if you bet at odds of 4/1, for every £1 wagered, you will win £4. This means there is a 20% chance of winning.

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