Philippine online casino voslot offers professional blackjack

Online casino voslot offers a wide variety of online casino games, as well as live casino, use your pesos to bet on poker games, online blackjack, baccarat, pokies, roulette, Hi-Lo Poker, etc. You can play in live casino with beautiful and elegant dealers, can’t take your eyes off these popular poker games and don’t want to give up playing, or use voslot’s mobile app to play live casino.

Benefits of playing live poker at voslot

Playing poker games with live dealers becomes more real and more fun. The action is more realistic when shuffling, cutting and handling the cards, or spinning the reels, and you can earn money playing live casino with welcome bonuses in high-reward tournaments.

Playing live casino online is easy with voslot

Get the real casino feel in the comfort of your own home! We have a full selection of table games, as well as streaming options for a variety of other games. No more downloading and installing software; you can play instantly on your phone, tablet or PC.

Rest assured that every game in voslot online poker ends with a random computer generated win or loss, but we do not exclude you from using card counting or learning other game strategies to improve your chances of winning, and you can be assured that all your bets are safe.

Voslot Live Casino Software

voslot is one of the few online casinos you can trust, and you should be prepared when you decide to try your hand at casino for real money. voslot online casino software provides complete information about the games in these top-notch software, and there are many professional casino software in voslot online casino and many unique live dealers in each game room, who are educated in the game and have a great time in the company of live dealers.

How to play live casino and poker games

Register as a member at voslot and you can bet on as many games as you like. Remember to deposit your money because voslot online casinos use real money to bet on games and receive real money bonuses.


The popular blackjack game will bring you more user experience. Online blackjack requires a lot of good luck from the players, because this game is your match against the dealer and you have to get your hand closer to blackjack without exceeding this number.

The main options are Hit or Stand. hit means receiving another card. Stand means you don’t want another card and you are happy with what you have.


Baccarat is a game with simple rules but complex structure. By focusing on the cards and the game itself, you will be able to enjoy a strategic and fun casino game. The game is easy to get hooked on, so managing the amount of money you have to bet each game is an important thing. You have 3 ways to bet on each hand, betting on the house, betting on the draw, and betting on the house if you don’t feel sure about the hand.


Roulette games are played using RNG technology. The games on the roulette wheel are numbered from 1-36, alternating between red and black, but the wheels around the pockets are not arranged in numerical order, and there are cases where consecutive numbers are the same color.

The French wheel has a green grid showing 00, while the European wheel is 0 and 00.

Lucky Roulette

This is a live betting event where players simply bet on the number they think the wheel will stop: 1, 2, 5, 10, “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS”.

Using an oversized, vertically mounted wheel, if a player bets on the correct number, the player will win the corresponding prize.


High-Low Omaha (Hi-lo), Omaha has a 4-card undercard and the game features a blind and dealer button where players have to form the best possible hand (5 cards) with the bright cards on the table. All players are dealt 4 cards at a time, and the goal is to combine the two bottom cards and 3 of the 5 common cards to form the most likely good hand.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon and Tiger is a card game derived from Baccarat, the game is simple and uncomplicated, at this time Baccarat’s [Chuang] and [Leisure] also become [Dragon] and [Tiger].

The general players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, and, Dragon single, Dragon double, Tiger single, Tiger double, Dragon red, Dragon black, Tiger red, Tiger black and so on 11 kinds of betting options.

FAQ in the poker game

With all online poker games that you bet on from the Philippine online casino voslot, you don’t have to worry about game manipulation at all, all games are fair and randomly generated to determine your winnings.

In voslot you must create a casino account, choose your favorite game, from blackjack to roulette and more, and then click or tap the “play” button to take your seat at the table.

Now you can place poker bets through the Philippine online casino voslot, where live casino games are streamed in real time and feature real dealers and hosts. The games in the online casino are played using RNG to generate wins and losses.

You can play live blackjack, Texas Hold’em, baccarat, roulette, craps, and many new games are being added to the voslot online casino.